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Author Topic: 5 secrets to "check your health" by yourself, easy, far away, of course disease  (Read 166 times)


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If checking your body according to 5 items, this ensures that your body is strong. Definitely not an easy disease
5 secrets to "check your health" by yourself, easy, far away from diseases
Every time, check your own health, every time, every minute by avoiding alcohol, refrain from smoking, anytime, anywhere.
Every day, check your own health every day, simply by "counting steps". In a day you should walk no less than 7,500 steps. Can use an application on your smartphone to count steps. Or choose to use as a smartwatch Or smart watches with functions to help count steps
Every week, check the health every week by "Weighing" in 1 week should choose the day And time to weigh for 1 day, such as Monday morning before eating breakfast And record his weight for a week To see the weight changes always. Read more. Click.>>สล็อต