Whats the deal with Corsair's customer service lately?


New member
Mar 24, 2023
I bought a Dark Core RGB mouse, and it was great at first. The thing started dying on me intermittently, and it appears something may be wrong with the battery. Long story short, I got an RMA from them and the agent said he was "working on procuring a return label". I got the RMA number and all, but its been days and still no label. This was all over e-mail communication btw. Why? When you call them, you cant get anyone on the actual phone. I went through the prompts, and when I select Corsair Gaming, Mice/Keyboard support, I get a pre-recorded lady that says "No agents are available.. Please call back later" CLICK. Except later, there are no agents either.

Anyone else experience this garbage customer support where you can't even get someone on the phone? All I need is a label and I can get this thing out here.

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