What a price graphic Card?

Aug 30, 2021
We are not impressed by the performance or efficiency, but for the price it is a faster card than the RTX 3070 for games. Like all new RTX cards, this card is available from major retailers and the price is reasonable. Just wait for the desired card at a reasonable price and pick it up. None of these cards are available on Newegg, Amazon or any other site near MSRP, and the smaller online sites have even lower prices than eBay. The good news is that recent reports indicate that there is a huge shortage of graphics cards worldwide and that business will ease over the next few months, but graphics card prices will remain high some more information research here. Things like memory modules and other ICs, critical for the construction of graphics cards, will continue to face supply bottlenecks and the prices for shipments of graphics cards from the factory to the shops will be higher than in previous years.