The best mobile games in 2022.

Jul 26, 2022

Mafia City​

Thanks to the relentless marketing campaign behind it, we’re sure that many readers will already be aware of Mafia City. It’s a game we’d like to recommend due to the fact that it’s a unique blend of strategy gameplay mixed together with a storyline about becoming a new mafia boss.

While lots of other strategy games focus on history or fantasy realms, this one sees you running a crime syndicate in a modern day city, and that’s pretty darn cool. You choose which buildings you want to erect, and these get you new resources, and provide opportunities for training new types of units. Then you choose whether you want to play cooperatively with friends so that you can help each other grow your empires, or if you want to do battle and eliminate other players who stand in your way.

Epic Seven​

Do you like a bit of anime? Does the random excitement of a gacha game excite you like nothing else? Well, in that case, we recommend you give Epic Seven a go. This free-to-play game is all about building up a team of heroes and then taking them through turn-based RPG battles as you progress through the story.


Looking for a new free-to-play game to play on your commute? Fan of strategy and city-building? Well, boy oh boy, are you going to like Elvenar. In this fantasy game, you’re responsible for cultivating lots of beautiful cities, all of which fit into a gorgeous fantasy aesthetic.

You have three main objectives: the first is to complete an endless supply of quests that are given to you. Some of these progress the games story, while others are more generic, looping tasks. You can also choose to invest time in research, which will help you to enhance your cities and buildings, allowing you to better gather resources. Meanwhile, if you focus on exploration, you’ll be able to expand across the world map, building more and more of your beautiful cities.

Oct 5, 2022
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