the best chair for Gamers.

Jul 22, 2022
1. Find the right height
For choosing a chair to suit the user You have to start with finding the size of the chair that works best for you. Because the right height will help us sit properly. If the chair is too big or too small, it will cause us health problems because it's not just the bottom. But the armrests that are so tall or short that they are not suitable for our sitting position. Including neck and back cushions that are not related to our spine can lead to pain when sitting for long periods of time. It also damages our personality, such as a chair that is too big instead of making us sit in a straight position that makes us sit hunched over than before, etc. We can choose a chair roughly from the following height criteria. Or you can save it as an Info Graphics like the one below.
2. Choose the right cushion
The seat cushion is like the heart of the whole chair because if the chair is not soft, it is uncomfortable to sit on. Make sure that you can't sit for an hour and you won't want to sit anymore. The seat cushions are actually divided into two main designs, the wide seat cushions (Wide) and the narrow seat cushions (Narrow), which affect your sitting position as well. This type will have a distinct difference in both design and design as follows.
3. Choose the seat material that best suits you.
After getting the type and shape of the chair you like. You might want to know a little more about the upholstery material to make your investment worthwhile, because upholstery means the overall lifespan of the gaming chair you invest in, possibly in the 2nd year. - 5 years or maybe longer, depending on the material you have purchased