Tawanda Palace Pad Thai

Sep 3, 2022
This franchise is suitable for salaryman as we can find someone to do it for us. Opening of the Pad Thai Tawanda restaurant We can talk to the franchise owner about where we want to sell. Which Khun Supada is happy to give advice or if in the area that can help, he is ready to help with the location for us to shop more easily. And the Pad Thai Tawanda recipe is known as the Pad Thai that anyone who eats it must be addicted. Not just open at the food court, but along the road. The market is also interesting, only 89,000 baht investment is worth it. If you don't believe, try to talk to the franchise branch of Pad Thai Tawanda. Some people used to be full-time employees, but they see that the income from this franchise is better than coming out and doing it full time. betflik เครดิตฟรี 50 ล่าสุด