Interactive web design trends for 2023

Mar 2, 2023
Scrapbook aesthetic

This past year saw massive technological advances, culminating in the highly anticipated launch of the James Webb Space Telescope. But with futurism often comes a desire to reclaim the natural world. In 2023’s websites, this impulse is manifesting through scrapbook and DIY elements.These web pages often include doodle drawings, handwritten lettering, sticker graphics, and cut-and-paste collages. Not only do these handmade elements recreate the tactile experience of scrolling through an old-school zine, they instill a sense of intimacy and imperfection in place of automated precision. But while the handmade aesthetic does oppose the gimmickry of more hi-tech trends, it is not living in denial of our technological reality. These designs are simply embracing both sides, the physical and the digital coexisting as one.