How can I maximize my DDR5's 6400MHz speed?


New member
Nov 25, 2022
For further information, please refer to my sig, but to cut to the chase, I am unable to make my DDR5 TeamDelta 6400 actually reach 6400.

By increasing a few of the voltages to 1.48, I can reach 6200, where everything is rock-steady, but anything above 6400 is inoperable. In other words, it starts up cheerfully and functions primarily without issue, but stress testing, especially P95 tiny FFTs, collapses soon. I also desire stability.

I have a nice board, the ROG Strix Z390 Wifi, but I just can't seem to get the RAM to run at maximum speed. My OCD insists on it.

Are there any settings or advice you people can offer that I may not be aware of to help this guy reach 6400?

I'm grateful in advance.