About iOS 16 Updates

Aug 21, 2022
iOS 16 can customize the lock screen by changing the font. And the color of the font, as well as adding different types of widgets, which can create different lock screen styles. And can choose to switch later, similar to Watch Faces, can add interesting widgets on the lock screen, such as weather, calendar events, date, time, alarm, battery level and more. New to track activities we are doing to track progress. And can also control the operation through the Lock screen screen without unlocking the screen, such as ordering food, new notification styles on the Lock screen screen that have been repositioned below the screen. in order not to obscure the screen image. and does not disturb the eyes with overlapping view which can be tapped to view all notifications iCloud Photo and Video Library can be shared with up to 5 family members and easily create family Collections. including customization or delete all photos.