5 Resources to Help You Learn Coding from a Phone.

Jul 26, 2022

Writing code vs learning​

If you want to write code on your smart device, all you have to do is download an application from the app store. Code editors for mobile devices have existed for years. And a lot of programmers use them. Some even provide the means to compile programs right from the mobile device itself. And while this is great news, it’s not the same as learning.

Programming is more than writing code​

Solving problems and learning code syntax from a smartphone can be a lot of fun. You should absolutely do it if you’re interested in learning. But, programming isn’t just about writing code. You also have to consider what you wish to create.

If your goal is to create a custom website, you will need access to external libraries. And in some cases, frameworks. You will also need a way to deploy your custom code to a website. And by this point, it starts to become tedious to manage it all from a phone.

Though, admittedly, not impossible. Ideally, you only use your phone to learn and master certain concepts and then transfer that knowledge back to your computer sessions.

But, let’s talk about the different websites and mobile apps which provide the means to learn at least the basics of programming from your phone.

Learning to code on a phone​

These are hand-picked resources. In other words, I have tested them on my smartphone and can verify that they’re usable. Some of these platforms have provided mobile apps for easier access. For others, you will have to use them directly from the browser.